Screw is out. Fuzzy head is clearing. Ah, to have range of motion again, what a treat. Doc says, “Take it easy for the first few days, and no contact sports for 3 months’. Like I haven’t been taking it easy for years and the last ‘contact’ sport I played was air hockey at that bar in Mt. View (still table Champion!). Unless you count getting hit by your own golf ball off a tree ricochet a contact sport? Whatever.

Here’s the $385 dollar screw in question –


Yes, it’s a Phillips head. No, he didn’t use an electric screwdriver. Yes, I’m going to make a keyring out of it. And yes, it really cost 385 bucks – Wanna know why your healthcare insurance is so expensive?

Going for a motorcycle ride to the driving range tomorrow. Maybe do some pushups. Nah, the only pushups I’m interested in are –


After 3 weeks of working in the office, it’s back to working on cars on Monday. Hope I remember how?

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