Year in review

So my sis asked for a year in review from our corner. Bernie, here you go;

January started out the year cold. Too cold. For too long.


It was so bad that we went to Canada seeking warmth and the motorcycle show. Only half succesful as it was plenty cold in Vancouver as well. And foggy –


Didn’t stop folks from doing what they do –


We bundled up and meandered through the short month, doing nothing remarkable. We kept busy with preparations for March. We had a date with the doc –


I walked the halls while the smart people removed The Tailbone From Hell. In hindsight, this may have been the smartest thing we did all year.

3 weeks later, things were looking up for everyone. The patient was doing awesome. The days were getting longer. The sun started to show, the warmth bringing the humans out in droves –


April showers mean Spring around here. I know when it’s official by watching the fern in front of the house –


You can also tell by the newborns all around. Lion cubs at the zoo –


Goosedown at the golf course –


As May rolled on we made a trip for some family time. Amy took me to lunch, Thanks Aims!


And some golf. John and I at Pebble. Thanks John!


Pop and me at Sandpiper in Santa Barbra. Thanks POP!


We found the Pacific, a Space Shuttle and good surf –

??????????????????????????????? shuttle-endeavour the-wedge

That my friends, was time well spent.

June found us working the house stuff more than anything else –


We did manage to ride the motorcycle up to our favorite place, Whistler,  for a cocktail or two. At the time we had no idea it would be our last trip to Canada for the year*. One from the road (The Sea-to-Sky highway to be precise) courtesy of the passenger –


The end of June brought adventure as I set out on the motorcycle for Graeagle. A great trip a long time in the making. The trip out was solo, while the return was a tandem affair. Highlights –

long-road lake-and-motorcycle two-up twisties

July threw some curveballs. Like getting burglarized (nevermind the shoddy photo) –


We also decided, sadly, to sell the motorcycle. No matter how much we enjoyed riding it, I didn’t like the thought of growing old with that thing. It found a new home, with someone that will endure it’s temper-tantrums better than I. Travel well ARRTEE, travel well –


August saw us enjoying the great Summer that the area has. If you’ve never been to Seattle in August, put it on your list. The 9 months of rain may suck, but the 90 days of Summer, they are so choice!


September saw us put the finishing touches on the 3 month long revamp of the garden. Stoopid native invasive species. It came together nicely –


With the arrival of October, we knew the fun and games would be wrapping up soon. One last meeting of the minds, one last round of golf –


Let’s also remember October for the snap-crackle-pop of a certain Calcaneus –


The other thing October did for us? Spiders! Yeah! Tons of the little bastages –


Into November now, and you can’t help but watch the flora and fauna go about their changing of colors –

ferne colors

And with the aforementioned broken foot, we missed out on Whistler at Thanksgiving. Sad. We’ve been going there forever, and just couldn’t make the trip using crutches. So we did the next best thing, Ray’s –


From there it was back to where we started, cold. December has been cold. Nothing we can’t handle though. But it is cold –


New year starts next week, big changes ahead.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks for tagging along,


* We will make one more trip to Canada next week. Flyers/Canucks on Monday, and we’ll spend New Years with friends up there. Photos when we get back, okay?




4 Responses to Year in review

  1. Bernie Yetso says:

    Thank you, Charlie! Great Christmas Gift! Love, Your Sis 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Love the year in review. Such beautiful photos. We miss you guys!
    Love, The Morgan Hill Yetsos

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