Mt Sigh

Or Si as the locals call it.

Look close and you can find the elk.

Heckuva sunrise. Frigid and blowing 40mph. Didn’t hang out long.

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New Years out with a Polack? You better bring your A-game.

Hate to find you face-down in the grass after a rough night.

You gotta know your limits Fat Boy.

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On the way home

Whistler Thanksgiving 2022 was just what the doctor ordered. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry complete, we made an early getaway to stop and see if the Bald Eagles were around. We stopped on the way up and saw NOTHING! Fortunately, the return trip provided ample views. Herewith –

Not my best, but thought I’d share. Out of practice I suppose. Guess we’re gonna have to go back and have another go at it. As always, we would LOVE to have you join us.

Bring a camera!

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Hiya alpaca

Hope you’re keeping warm!

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What do you do after a night of dragging Santa around?


Grab a little lunch and hang out with your friends….

Ho Ho Ho everyone!

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My domain

My orange cat surveying his world –



He’s looking for rabbits. Caught one the other day. Stoopid cat.



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Same color combo

Just a little different –



So far so good….



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Out of it’s element


My poor car was not made for this type of weather –




That’s the last of it for now, so maybe it’ll be alright. Til the thaw, I’ll drive the truck.




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Out with the old, in with the new

First off – Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2018 was good to you and 2019 is even better.

Second off – Sorry, long time no post. No excuses. I’m just lazy.

Third off – Time for some housecleaning around here. Namely, I’ve got to cull some of the ten million photos on here. If you see any you like, download them now. Next week I start deleting the old stuff. You’ve been given fair notice.

Quattro off – I’ll get back to posting more photos and stuff this year, so stay tuned or get re-tuned or whatever it is that you do to pay attention. I appreciate it.








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Cat, meet Deer

Deer, meet el Gato –



They’re not pals just yet. Give ’em some time….





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