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Summer is here, finally

85 and sunny all weekend. Marla is off visiting her sister in CA – F’ing hot in Cottonwood! Count me out. I’ll take Seattle, thanks.

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Sunday, more sunburn

Went to the NHRA event on Sunday (free tix, thanks Scott). All the usual sights and sounds. Good fun was had, despite the $7 Budweisers. Sadly, one of the racers, Mark Nivers got killed.

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Saturday got dusty and sunburned

Went off and rode motorcycles in the forest with Guy. We found a waterfall. And Lonesome Lake, And a mountain. Came home to find one of the cats drank all my beer…

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Wandered around the locks over the weekend

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What a bucnh of whackos lurking around on that site. Their new solgan should be – ‘Putting newspapers out of business one derainged idiot at a time.’

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Hiatus – \hī-ˈā-təs\ ; noun

What you do to your golf game when it rains all spring and your elbow is falling apart. Still carrying that 32.1 handicap if you’re interested.

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July 4th

  And it’s raining. Hope the boys at the historic races are behaving.

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