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No Hangover = Goin riding

My French-Italian friend Guy did not over-imbibe on Friday, so Saturday we went out for a little bit. Hopped on a big boat Vashon Island. Thanks to WSF for not letting it sink. I’ve known people that worked for the ferry system, … Continue reading

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Gettin Loop(y) – Again

Went out Sunday the 23rd for a return visit to Mountain Loop Highway. This time it would be Marla and me. My French-Canadian friend Guy was WAY to hungover for motorcycle riding this day. Here’s a rough idea of the route.   … Continue reading

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Well, that was a bit of a pain

Got to ride the motorcycle around on Sunday. It had been 3 months, so I went out for about a hundred miles. Low 50’s and cloudy, so not the best day. Felt good to be out again, although there was definitely a … Continue reading

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Screw is out. Fuzzy head is clearing. Ah, to have range of motion again, what a treat. Doc says, “Take it easy for the first few days, and no contact sports for 3 months’. Like I haven’t been taking it … Continue reading

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Counting the hours

3 hours from now, the Makita will be put into action on my shoulder. I am so looking forward to this.

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