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The lamps hanging over our kitchen table –     They’re pretty trick.    

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Last night’s cooking

Was a precursor to tonight’s misery. Marla got another cortisone shot for her shattered tailbone today. Those brownies will make good comfort food. Even the local wildlife is showing their concern –     Don’t worry bub, she’ll be fine. And your … Continue reading

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Both kinds of,

not happy, because I won’t let them outside. On the one hand, we have Frustration –     On the other, we have Indifference –     So long as the don’t poop in my shoes while we’re out tonight….   … Continue reading

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Made smarter choices, I have

Went to John’s today to help out with a couple things. Decided to ride the motorcycle. Not the brightest idea I’ve had this week (granted, not the dimmest either, but that’s another story for another time). Anyway, 5 miles in, … Continue reading

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It was a dark and stormy….

  Sorry about the poor quality, I’m experimenting.    

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Yes that did happen

Today, more precisely, this afternoon –     Blue skies, smiling at me. Couple clouds mixed in for perspective. And likely forecasting rain for the weekend. You take what you can get.    

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Can’t take credit for this one

Marla took it at the aquarium –       Worked late, went shopping, fought on the phone with some scammer who says I owe him 13 bucks, got the wreaths off the front door ( still have the one … Continue reading

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