Silly cat

Barley got into a scrap with someone, probably his sister, and ended up with a fat face (sorry, not a great photo)  –


The vet made him look like a typical teenager with a half shaved face and a pierced cheek. The guy at Starbucks wanted to him him to be the new counter kid, thought he’d “fit right in”.



Cat is too mellow to even care, poor bastard. Tube came out last Friday and he’s on the road to whatever it is that cats aspire to achieve….

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1 Response to Silly cat

  1. Carol O'stey says:

    You are a fun writer and luv the blog. Don’t know how I missed it for a spell, but will no longer be out of touch with it. Poor kitty. Luck with to drill date. LuvU M. That’s how the texters do it, eh?

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