My brother Steve visited

Just for half a day while in town for a bit of work stuff. So we acted like tourists and did tourist stuff. Took a boat ride around the harbor. The sea based x-band radar was in for work, usually it lives off the coast of Alaska somewhere. Lots of coppers watching this thing. Read the Wikipedia page about it, pretty interesting, and REALLY big –

They had to move it out of the way to get one of Shell’s mobile drilling plaforms to it’s dock for repairs.

Nice view from the water –

Then, in an effort to feel more like tourists, we went to the –

Watched the guys throw dead –

Went by the original Starbucks –

Then a bit of dinner and that was pretty much it. Sometimes it’s fun to play tourist in your own town.

Thanks for stopping in and making time for the visit Steve. Good to see you.


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