Weekend ride update:

Photos from our ride to Whistler, from the passengers perspective.

Going up was a bit colder and gloomier than was pitched by the weather prognosticators. Only the one photo on the way up –


Sea to Sky, Northbound


The way back was better as we played peek-a-boo with the sun for a couple hours –


Peek-A-Boo sun


It was so much nicer out –


Nice out


Proof it was Canada? You got it –


Yes, Canada


Big city, bright lights. All half dozen of them. Downtown Squamish –


Downtown Squamish


Really was good riding weather –


Good riding


Furry Creek Golf Club, I’ve been wanting to play this place for years. Alas, no clubs on this trip (I must figure out how to carry the clubs on the motorcycle!)


14th at Furry Creek


Howe sound in all it’s glory a passing moment at 65 from the back seat of a motorcycle –


Howe Sound


One of a few little granite rock-pile island in the middle of Howe Sound. Hadn’t really noticed them before this trip –


Granite in Howe Sound


Then it was across the Lions Gate Bridge and into Vancouver for a lunch stop. The bridge –


Lions Gate Bridge


The Lion in question –




That’s it. We had lunch at Bridges on Granville Island, then made a run for the border. No search/delay this time, nice! Made it home and called it a weekend.

Great photo’s for the first time motorcycle-photojournalist, THANKS Marla!




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1 Response to Weekend ride update:

  1. Dotha Cheney says:

    What a great way to spend a weekend! Thanks for the trip. Marla, you done gooooooood. Mom

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