So yeah, golf

First off, let me remind you, I am a terrible golfer. I have no business playing these fancy-schmancy golf courses. But the checks clear, so the powers that be continue to let me enjoy them. So a weekend of golf commenced.

John and I started at Pasatiempo, of which I have a total of ZERO photos. Played with a member, Mark, that made us feel at home while I destroyed his course. He even got a laugh out of me drilling the jerk member’s house on 17. Great fun it was. Later we concluded that it was the best of the three courses we played over the weekend.

Then off to Pebble Beach. We stayed at Spanish Bay, and were welcomed like royalty –

welcome party

Champagne, and a sunset, nice –


Yup, pretty sweet –


We got up the next day to play Pebble. The clock ticked towards 10:40 –

T minus 11

John got us started (actually, my tee shot went 3 feet, so you don’t get to see that)

EnnZee gets it started

Later, after a bunch of aiming fluid, the ladies joined us and took photos for the last couple holes. Count the beer cans in the photo –


One of the locals, residing on the tee box –

teebox dweller

Team Quattro, with our Head Coach Kevin, coming down the stretch –


EnnZee had the “B” caddie filling his ear with swing tips –

B caddie

More from the “B” caddie –

More advice

Here’s our foursome on the box at 18, two Johns, a Dave, and my lazy ass –

all four at 18 tee

Shortly after this photo was taken, my game was officially dead. The fine folks at Spanish Bay were nice enough to send a bagpiper to the funeral –

Funeral march

So that was Pebble. Thanks to Therese & John for joining up.

And special thanks to my wife, Marla, for putting up with our shenanigans.

We played Spyglass the next day, again, ZERO photos. Tough, frustrating, entertaining, yet fun. We were out of gas by the end of the round. John and Therese headed off for home, while we headed for SoCal.

My Pop and I managed a round at Sandpiper. Awesome time. Just a couple photos and a video for you –

Pop n Me in SB


Yates, another one

Pop, still got game. Shot his age (thereabouts anyway). Watch the video –

Enough for now. Found the Space Shuttle yesterday, but missed out on Big Kahunas, so we’re on a bit of a mission. Might even bodysurf watch bodysurfing at The Wedge this afternoon.

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