Where were we?

Oh yeah, going to Monterey to play some golf. On the way, I managed to make a couple stops/visits. First up was lunch with Amy, she was nice enough to take me to lunch in Pleasanton –




I had pizza and beer –




We walked around town to work off the Phat –




Saw this license frame; Team Yetso to the WayBack machine please –




Someone thinks like I do –




Thanks for the lunch and visit Amy, you’re awesome.

Speaking of happy-hour, later that day I met up with more siblings for a Margarita, or six –


All good


A good, albeit quick visit with Lumpy and my Sis. No photos per your request Bernie (none came out anyway).


Next update will include golf debauchery. But that’s gonna have to be later, right now we’re off to find a Space Shuttle and Big Kahuna’s.




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