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Lemme get a selfie!       Kids these days.     (Now that right there is funny.)        

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Every time is different

Last time we were here, it was raining and 70 degrees. Today, 33 and snowing ever so slightly. Last time the rings were surrounded by the sounds of an orchestra playing classical music; Today it was the sounds of parents … Continue reading

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Who is this holiday for anyway?

Seems the non-children in the neighborhood are having as much fun as the kids –     I like this guy’s hiding spot.    

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Hopscotch anyone?

Neighbor kids found a box of chalk and got to doing what 8 year olds do –     They even personalized their Dad’s parking spot –     The way the weather has been going, that’s going to be … Continue reading

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That’s what I named him. Seemed appropriate enough –     He hangs out in Mike’s yard with a few of his cronies. They’re watching out for all the kids now that fall is here. That and Mike is afraid … Continue reading

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