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Sums up today quite nicely –       Now it’s off to find cocktails and deep fried pickles.    

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Speaking of hanging out

Had a bit of a birthday this week (not mine, we’ve cancelled that for the foreseeable). So first, thanks to all of you that sent notes and cards and such, the birthday girl genuinely appreciates your kind wishes. Second, what’s … Continue reading

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I’d say I was sorry about no the no post weekend….

But it was kinda planned that way. Took off on the motorcycle Saturday morning for Whistler. No room for a computer, no way to post photos. Nothing to be sorry about, right? Besides, I only took a couple photos – … Continue reading

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You ask for Bald Eagles,

You get Bald Eagles –           There’s more on the camera, but I haven’t looked yet, so we have to wait. And this is how you end a long weekend; Cocktails at Ray’s, window-side, on a … Continue reading

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You know you’re home when,

You go to the place you always go to. In our case, the Cafe at Ray’s Boathouse. We don’t go for the view –     And certainly not for the food and drink –     Who’s kidding who? We … Continue reading

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