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Here’s where I got ’em beat

DANDELIONS! The fine folk running the golf tournament in Augusta couldn’t hold a candle to my¬†ever expanding collection of dandelions –       Next big puff of wind is gonna set this one off. And Pop, feel free to … Continue reading

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Dunno how they do it in Augusta

But the Azaleas at the golf tourney last week are a solid month ahead of ours –       Here, they’re just starting to make flower-like poses for the camera.        

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Augusta it ain’t

But the Azalea in the front of the house is really shining this year –       Not bad, huh? Now if I could make the grass grow……    

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We’re not in Augusta, that’s for sure

Our Azaleas are a solid MONTH behind the guys with the fancy golf tourney –     Not yet in full bloom, but they’ll get there soon. Gives us time to shop for a ugly green jacket to give away….. … Continue reading

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