And in a real circle of life kind of way, I offer you this –


Newborn A Newborn B


Newborn sheep! Twins, about an hour old. Photos don’t serve them well; Shooting through wire mesh in a dimly lit barn will do that. These two are not ready for primetime just yet, but these guys are –


One day old


This guy is 1 day old and in more interested in mom’s milk than posing for me and my silly camera. That’s why we have Lucy Legwarmers –


Lucy Legwarmers


I have NO idea why they call her that, but she’s a good sport about the picture taking –


Watching over her

Hi there


Although it is all a bit of work for a 1 week old sheep and sometimes you just gotta NAP


Tired Much



Nicely done mama sheep.

And thanks Mother Nature, great timing.




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1 Response to BAAAA

  1. Marla says:

    Perfect. Nothing else to really say! You definitely said a thousand words in 1 picture! Love them! Can we get sheep???!??!?!??

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