Racecar spelled backwards is….

Stopped by the racetrack a couple weekends back, and bumped into our favorite racing driver. Bit of a surprise to see him, though I suspect it shouldn’t have been. The Porsche folks were having a bit of a soiree at Laguna Seca, and invited Ned to bring along his RSR for the weekend’s activities. Ned is a gearhead of the first order, and a certified Porsche freak, so him being at Rennsport is only natural.

A few shots –


minus the green


There’s literally hundreds of shots of some really cool stuff from the day at the track. One morning I might get bored enough that I’ll sort out the best of them and post ’em up.

And a note to the racing driver in question;

Ned, you’re a bit of a –




That’s why it’s always good to see you and Kat.

Next time we’ll get together when things aren’t so hectic for you guys.





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  1. Me baby says:

    Nice work

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