Late (story of my life)

More eagles from last week that I said I’d get to over the weekend (I didn’t). Whatever, here they are now –


Grey Gull


Wait! Not an eagle. And I think he’s a little miffed by the mix-up. Here –




Sorry, cormorant. How’d that get in there? Here –




Quacker? DOH! That’s my mistake. I’ve got it this time –


Sitting duck


Okay seriously, like the white gull, I got lazy and haven’t got to the eagle photos. But I did find these guys today. It got windy this afternoon and they were all keeping dry to stay warm. Or something.

Maybe tomorrow for the eagle pics, but not if I ride to work. We’ll see….




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1 Response to Late (story of my life)

  1. fran yetso says:

    Fun, funny !!!!!!

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