More from the zoo

The heron was looking none too pleased with the results of his attempts at poaching the penguins’ lunch –





The penguins were laughing at the heron –




Ask my New Zelander friend why he’s hiding behind the tree, and he’ll tell you it’s because they’re all a bunch of criminals –




The Grey Wolf was not hiding from anyone –




It’s cause he know the lion was sleeping –




And the bear was just behind the lion on the way to Sleepy Town –




Amazing any of them could get to sleep considering all the racket the Steller’s Sea Eagle was making. Larger than a Bald Eagle, and with one heck of a voice, (not to mention the clamps on his feet and the can opener attached to the front of his face). There was not enough separating me from this one, so click, click, boogie it was –




Then there was the Peregrine Falcon, who quite simply is a bad-ass! Another situation where there was nothing between my carcass and the bird of prey. Thankfully, his trainer was there with lunch, and thus I was spared –


Facoln with lunch Peragrine Falcon PLEASE I'm eating here



Love the colors in (of?on?) the peacock –




Then it was time to quit monkeying around and clear out of there –




Thanks to the critters and Woodland Park Zoo, you’re the best.




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1 Response to More from the zoo

  1. Marla says:

    Your monkey picture is super cool! One of your best.

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