How does your municipality waste your money? Mine did it with this –





Whispering Willow Park. Well, 90% of it anyway, there’s a couple more benches just out of the frame. And yeah, that’s it. Tucked between two houses, and behind the supermarket. And all I can do is ask myself – ‘What did that cost?’

Don’t get me wrong, I like parks and all. This is not a park. This is a walkway. You can’t throw a ball around in this park. You can’t play with your dog in this park. You have one option, walk to a bench and have a sit. This is not the first park in this town of less than 100 square feet of usable space.

What a waste. In so many ways. I hope the mayor gets a nice plaque engraved with her name on it for all the future generations to see.


Rant over, back to what you were doing.



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