More from the zoo

It’s not like I only took the one photo….

The hippo was getting some lunch. Clearly the diet of greens is not working –





The King was there looking like he owned the place –




The flamingos were doing flamingo things, like taking a bath –


Flamingo bath


And then climbing out of the dryer looking perfect


Fluff dried



Then there was this Red Crowned Crane. Just looked good in the lens –


Red Crowned Crane


And a duck that reminded me of my new motorcycle –


Tiger striped duck



And then, on my way out, this goat tells me that if he could just get his ears to flap fast enough, he was “gonna fly right on out of there….” I didn’t doubt him –


ear wings



Thanks again to Woodland Park Zoo for being a cool place to spend a couple hours with the camera after work.





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  1. M says:

    Great zoo pictures!!! M

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