OH Canada!

Canada. America’s hat. And exceptional purveyor of bears –




Good looking bear. Just hanging out having a salad. Watching her figure I’m sure.

And another thing they’re good at in Canada? Waterfalls! Such as Alexander Falls –


Alexander Falls



The 230 foot drop of Brandywine Falls –


Brandywine Falls


And a couple of rumblin, stumblin, bumblin, Nairn Falls –


Nairn Falls top Nairn Falls bottom


And that concludes our ‘What Canada’s good at’ nature tour for today. But not before one last bear shot. We think it’s the same bear, the following day. You be the judge –


Same BEAR! Different day


More documentation of the field trip to Canada tomorrow.









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2 Responses to OH Canada!

  1. lumpy says:

    bearly entertaining…I can’t bear it anymore…woah, I’ve fallin’ for the, ehm, falls…ok, I’ll stop now…better to quit while I’m bearly ahead

  2. Marla says:

    GREAT trip! Bears, and falls, and fun! Sorry about the no golf…

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