Feet. Or 40 meters as the rest of the world would say it –





That’s the MARLINDA. She was going thru the big lock with a barge full of gravel. She was better looking than the barge, so she got photographed. Not that I didn’t take any of the barge…

Anyway, I think she’s for sale if any of you are interested? Really, what could possibly go wrong with a 25 year old boat that’s 130 feet long?

Oh by the way, she needs a crew of five to operate, so bring your friends. And a whole bunch of Red Stripe beer. That right there, is a good plan.




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2 Responses to 132.28

  1. its me sweethart says:

    i will be ya first mate captain!!!!!!!!

    • cyetso says:

      Wouldn’t have it any other way. I think you had me at Red Stripe….
      Bring your clubs and plenty of Pro V1s, we’ll be hitting drivers off the fantail…..

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