You don’t see that everyday

Never know what you’ll find –


Plane V Train

737 All four of em



Yes, that’s a New Generation 737. Four of them on this train. Pretty interesting sight. And certainly something I don’t see everyday.

They ran out of Crazy Glue in Everett, so they’re taking them down to Seattle to have the wings and tails glued on.
Then they put them back on the train and send them North again to get painted and finished up.

Wait, NONE of that’s true. Well, the NextGen 737 part is, but Crazy Glue and the rest I made up. I think they’re headed for Renton where they put the thing together before flying it to Everett for paintwork. Don’t quote me, I’m certainly no expert.






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1 Response to You don’t see that everyday

  1. Marla says:

    And you don’t think it’s safe to fly!?! These are cool!

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