Where were we?

Catching up with some clicks from the weekend, that’s where.

We went out on Saturday to Flower World for more, you guessed it, FLOWERS! I think that’s enough for now, but it’s not my department, so yeah. We’ll see. The fine flower people have a petting zoo for the kids. We went. We acted like children. It was the real reason for going in the first place. On with the photos.

They have FANCY chickens –


Fancy chicken


They have FAST FANCY chickens –


Fancy, fast chicken


They have chickens with surfer inspired haircuts –


Mop Top


They have very proud peacocks –


Proud peacock


And very STATELY chickens –


Stately chicken


Chickenfoot? Would make a great name for a band. How about Peacockfoot?


peacock foot


Enough with the birds, it’s supposed to be a petting zoo. How about a goat?





Or maybe a sheep?


normal sheep



Or a very rare bear/sheep mix?


bear sheep


But the cutest thing had to be the baby ducks. Excruciatingly camera shy, VERY CUTE –


Young ducks


Then it was off to buy flowers and get cracking with the yardwork. All in good fun.


More later.



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  1. Pops says:

    FUN AND FUNNY!!!!! M

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