Been on Injured Reserve the last few days. Hurt my neck in a (I am not making this up*) walking to the car accident. Headed out the door for work, walking to the car I managed to pinch a nerve or something in my neck. For a while there it looked as though we might have to amputate, but time (and ice cold Margaritas) healed me to about 80% as of today. So there’s my excuse for posting nothing for the last couple days. Like it or lump it.

We did a ton of garden stuff this past weekend, hurt neck and all. We’re trying to finish up what we started. Actually got to the planting stage. So off to the flower store we went. Unfiltered from our spree –


Buds Crazy leaves flower field flowers Lotsa flowers More flowers Pepper pink and yellow flower Young flower



Oh yeah, they’ve got turtles too. This one’s a bit shy –




Some of these I actually like enough to think about printing them. So that was a pretty good day. I learned that if you ever need subjects, the flower place has got you covered.

I’ll post the progress of the garden later, but yes, it looks fantastic.






* Thanks to Dave Barry, you’re a funny dude.



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1 Response to IR

  1. Marla says:

    Beautiful! I just hope our garden can look as nice!

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