Fliers, lateness, beer

Sunshine; “Last of the moving tasks need to be completed after work. Go to my house, have a beer and when I get done with work, we’ll get after it.”

Me; “Sure thing.”

So while waiting for 6 o’clock to roll around, I sat on his deck and took a few photos. Nice day, and the idiots paragliders were out –




Everyone has their own pace –


Contrasting styles


Flier, floating, upstream –


Floating flier


The hawks were out looking for dinner –




Papa sparrow was making sure the hawks didn’t raid his nest –




This little guy was having dinner too –


MMM, bugs


By then it was time to get on with it. We moved what we could fit, leaving the last bits for later. Marla joined us, making sure the team was on point. Once the project wrapped, we commenced continued making beer disappear. The girls contributed by making 2 bottles of wine disappear. Good work Team.

So there was Thursday’s post about fliers, late, due to beer.




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3 Responses to Fliers, lateness, beer

  1. marla Yetso says:

    it was only one bottle.

  2. you know me says:

    was an awesome effort team yetso flaherty, thanks again

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