I’m tired. And sore.

So golf was cold but the temperature was successfully battled with a vodka/OJ/Midori combo. It reawakened those muscles that you only ever use for golf, so now they’re sore.

Then it was time to do this to the yard (more musculoskeletal abuse) –




Power rake to the max. Thatched front and back, here and up the street at Mike & AJ’s. It may look bad now, but this is going to help the lawns massively. Aeration is next. If the muscles ever forgive me. Didn’t know I was going to beat myself up this weekend (actually, I kinda had an idea).

BIG THANKS to Mike for all the help! Woulda never got it done without you Meathead.



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2 Responses to I’m tired. And sore.

  1. Dotha Cheney says:

    Very tidy

  2. Meathead says:

    Right back at ya, big guy! Teamwork is what it’s all about…now the grass better grow!

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