Through the tulips –





Actually, since they’re in someone else’s yard, I’ll just take a couple photos and leave the tiptoeing to someone else.



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6 Responses to Tiptoe

  1. Bernadette Yetso says:

    They’re crocus …

    Regardless, tiptoe ….


  2. Bernadette Yetso says:

    Look to be crocus …
    Regardless, tiptoe [especially in someone else’s yard] 🙂

  3. lumpy says:

    Easter colors tho’…nice.

  4. marla Yetso says:

    According to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Official Web-site, tulip season begins April 1st. Just in case you were interested… http://www.tulipfestival.org/calendar

  5. Dotha Cheney says:

    Maybe the people at the tulip Festival might complain, it’s OK if you call crocus tulips, as long as you see and celebrate their beauty.

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