Benched, again

Marla’s been sidelined (hospitalized) by a wonky heartbeat. Ticker not in tune with the removal of the tailbone, I suspect. Though the good people taking care of her think the surgery and the A-fib are just a co-incidence. My gut feeling is that stress & drugs & rock-n-roll of the surgery were just too much. So they took her away in a blaze of lights last night at 6. The cats were terrified at all the people in the house. The wonderful people from Shoreline’s Emergency Medical Services took fantastic care of her (THANK YOU!!!). And now she’s resting in the hospital. Should be home tomorrow, but for now, benched again –


Benched, again


As a side note; This does mean the Girl Scout cookies are first come, first served – Right?



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6 Responses to Benched, again

  1. christine says:

    Sending good thoughts. Hope things calm down a bit at your house soon.

  2. AJ says:

    Glad she is going to be ok. We were worried when we saw the flashing lights..

  3. Dotha Cheney says:

    A big thanks to all those that have given Marla such good care. It is so hard to be so far away when you know one of your chicks is so stressed out and in pain.

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