Take advantage of it when you can

Spring weather in Seattle in February? You’re nuts if you’re not out taking advantage of it. 55 and sunny after work today, so I went for a walk around the lake.

Everybody was out –


Greenlake quackers


The Bald Eagle was high on his perch on Duck Island –


Baldy on Duck Island


This little bugger thought I might have food, so he paddled over –


Greenlake Coot


Apparently we’re mourning the loss of this tree over the Winter –


Lost tree


I swear, I thought this guy was walking his pet sheep –




Then I spotted a duck who got water in his ear. Ever seen a duck act like a dog?


Like a dog


Anyway, good afternoon light. Made for some decent photos, motivated me to act a little healthier, and reminded me of why living here is awesome.

Tomorrow it’ll rain and be 43 all day, but today was all-right.



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3 Responses to Take advantage of it when you can

  1. Dotha Cheney says:

    It is 30 out this morning at 8:45. I’m headed for Redding to see Dave.

  2. Meathead says:

    Greenlake is pretty cool-did you know…
    -they used to run limited Hydro’s there
    -the 1st 3 Bite of Seattle’s were held there
    -Led Zeppelin played @ The Aqua Theater I ’69
    -oh (& most important) I was a Lifeguard @ E Greenlake Beach in ’86….lol

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