Eating well I see

This honker hasn’t missed too many meals –




I asked if he was good for anything other than eating and pooping? He told me ‘sure’, and then proceeded to show me this trick –


New trick


Nobody likes a wise ass. Except me. I thought it was funny.

Silly goose.




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5 Responses to Eating well I see

  1. christine says:

    I love geese. I know people think they are a nuisance but I adore them. I say hello the flock outside of my workplace every morning. They are so cheerful and loud!

    • cyetso says:

      I refer to them as ‘honkers’.

      One day my boss, a very classy man, showed up for work with a t-shirt on instead of his usual shirt-n-tie. I asked what happened, he replied with – ‘The goose flew over the car, the sunroof was open, next thing I know, I’ve got goose poop all over my shirt. Honk, honk, buuuupt!’
      Ever since, they’re honkers to me.

  2. lumpy says:

    all the rest of his (or her’s) family currently resides in the local city park. Things are sooo good, they don’t even bother with the whole migration thing….too much like work.

  3. Pops says:

    I am not sure that you understood what I said about Canada geese vs. Canadian. A person is a Canadian, but a goose is a Canada goose. Even though his flyway should involve Canada. M.

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