Goofing around

Got home tonight, it was cold-foggy-dark. Got the camera out of the car before the groceries and was just goofing around a bit –


Goofing around 1

Pitch black, no purple.

Goofing around 2

I love these LED lamps. NOT!

Goofing around 3

Self portrait


All in good fun as I explore the camera’s abilities. No messing about with software, just the way they were taken, so the quality may not be there. I’m still learning.

Warmed right up to 39 today with the fog holding all the heat in. I hear that next week we may even see Mr. Orange Ball in the sky???

Off to Vancouver for the motorcycle show tomorrow, plus a couple days R&R. Bryan is gonna gato sit for us. Stop by, as I’m sure the party will be raging.





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2 Responses to Goofing around

  1. lumpy says:

    I see the trademark ball cap is on backwards and ya gotta get a little more lift on the elbow!

  2. DJ says:

    TOO DARK !!! DJ

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