Photo a day. Or not?

What should I do about the photo-a-day? I dunno. It was a challenge last year. But something that I consider a complete success. I set out to publish a picture each day for a year, something inspired by a former co-worker. Just 2 days were not posted properly, one due to operator error (I failed to push the ‘PUBLISH’ button), and one due to a VERY late night involving margaritas, Pebble Beach, and a certain New Zealander.
I did manage to take photos every day, learning tons in the process.
I wore out one camera, switched to the backup for a month, bought a new SLR and promptly blew through another 10,000 shots.
I’ve gone from auto everything (because I knew nothing else), to 95% of my efforts being taken on full ‘manual’ settings (something inconceivable to me 12 months ago).
I’ve made acquaintances with people in far flung places (strange for me). I’ve absorbed all sorts of fascinating unsolicited knowledge (even stranger for me as learning was never a ‘strong suit’).

All that being said, it’s a tough call whether or not to keep going. So I did what any self-respecting cat owner would do; I asked the cat. Here is the photo taken just after I asked him –


Of course you should


I’m not sure if that’s a look of ‘Of course you should keep doing the photo-a-day stuff you idiot.’
Or is it a look of ‘Of course, I could kill you if you take another photo of me, you idiot.’
Either way, Barley was of no real help. Though he is a good lookin cat.

For now, I guess I’ll roll through to the weekend and make a decision by then. I’ll keep you posted.



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8 Responses to Photo a day. Or not?

  1. lumpy says:

    Same old “WTF are you rambling about NOW idiot?” look one gets from asking a cat for the answers in life. What did you expect, the Dahli Lama? Nieztchi? Mongo? Just roll with it DUDE. The cat will thank you for not bothering him, We will thank you for not taking this shit too seriously, Your wife will thank you for doing the dishes ON TIME and the quality of your posts won’t suffer from all this damn UN-necessary PRESSURE.

    as you were …

  2. christine says:

    I’m in the same boat. I loved the challenge last year but I’m not feeling too excited about it this year. So I’m waffling. I’m also dying to know how you mastered a new SLR in a year. Spill.

  3. Pops says:

    Yes, I do read this stuff. I would really miss the pics and the philosophy and the running comments even if I don’t always enter a comment . I can understand you dilemma, though. As I look at my own “hobby”, I find more enjoyment when I attend a class with others of like involvement. Just to get instant feedback and input and maybe even ideas. Not that my hobby is sale worthy. Bu, I still say that the pic a day should be useable in some wau. Begin a magazine…write a lesson plan for a photo class…sell the idea to a high school…to the local news rag… On and on. How to do the above, I do not know, but maybe some else does. I know that Dotha would miss the pics. And I love her input and her insight re: colors and composition. M

  4. Pops says:

    Forgive the typos. M

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