You’ve gotta start somewhere

Be it saving the planet, or keeping your house in order, you’ve gotta start somewhere –




Yard waste, recycling, trash. In that ORDER! Or is that trash, yard waste, recycling? I can never remember.

You know where I’m coming from….




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2 Responses to You’ve gotta start somewhere

  1. lumpy says:

    Sooo, the rustic burg of Seattle finally caught up to The Peoples Republic of Palo Alto circa 1979!!! btw, I like how so many of your shots have that glossy wet look. Only the pros know that trick.

    • cyetso says:

      Seattle has been recycling since before World War Two. It’s my hood that’s just catching up. We’ll get there, I think.

      I have an entire team that I deploy specifically for that glossy wet look. And it ain’t cheap.


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