Not working, going to Whistler

The best thing about not working, is the things you do when you’re ‘not working’. We did our usual Thanksgiving escape by heading for Whistler. We love our local escape. Familiar, yet enough of a trip to make it fun. We crossed the border at 9:30 and made a bee-line for the Granville Island Public market –



After a good solid stroll/shop/watch, we had worked up a lunch hunger –



The BEST pizza ever! From bottom to top; thin crust, cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion rings (raw), and capers. Fantastic to the point of no photos. I was too busy eating. it’s the 3rd one I’ve had, and they’re ALL THAT.

Stopped on the way to see if the Bald Eagles were out; they were –



They really are awesome –



Even when they turn their back to you –



Even the hawks were making themselves known –



Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Although it likely will not be as cool as Bald Eagles.




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