Another boat ride today

I’ve been on more ferries this year than in the last ten years combined. Today I headed out to Kingston for a adjustment to the seat heater on the motorcycle. Typical Seattle winter day aboard the MV Puyallup –



The Teutonic Plague looking out over the bow –



Once at the shop, they tore into the seat, while I strolled the grounds and took photos of stuff. Like this windmill weathervane –



And The Whizzer –



I’m not into Harley Davidson motorcycles like some people are, But I can appreciate what others see in, and do with theirs. Like ostrich covered fenders –



Or killer paintwork on the gas tank –



The clock was ticking, and the rain clouds were getting darker. If I wanted to beat the rain, I had to fly out of there and catch a boat home, just like this gull –




Although I was ill prepared to take this shot properly, I do like the composition of it. I think it sums up Seattle nicely; Taken from the top deck of the ferry boat, the downtown skyline in the distance, the grey blanket of clouds, the sun poking through on the mountains in the distance, and some cat out motoring around in his sailboat on Puget Sound in November. Yup, that’s Seattle in a nutshell. Next time I’ll try to take a better photo. No promises –





That was my trip to Kingston today. And yes, the seat heater now works. Just in time for winter….




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