Since when does the weather forecaster get it right?

Apparently, this weekend. Woke up to rain and wind, just like they said, which put paid to any thoughts of going for a ride today. Instead, it’s car bound and local.

We’re going to have a short Fall, followed by a hellacious Winter. I’ll try and document as best possible for you. First,a  few shots of the foliage changing colors. I will remind you of our state motto, ‘The Evergreen State’, so don’t expect too much. Vermont it ain’t. Without further adu –



The kiddie wading pool at Greenlake. This will go unused until June –



Pathside, was this beaut –



Lakeside, we have this –



Out on the lake, we have this –



The entire spectrum is covered in about 37 feet right here –



Full steam ahead –



And one final foliage shot. Might be my favorite –



Well, there you have it, the extent of Fall in Seattle. It sure isn’t motorcycle riding, but it’s nice nonetheless.



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2 Responses to Since when does the weather forecaster get it right?

  1. Dotha says:

    Thanks for the tour. The last shot is spectacular, my favorite. I have never seen the yellow leaves rimmed in red before. Do you know the name of the tree? Keep them coming. DJ

  2. Pops says:

    WOW!!!!! That is my comment on all of the ‘color’ pictures. The red! this last one! Maine has nothing on your neck of the woods!!!!! Mom

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