More from the road

Got up and went for a walk this AM. It was cold, like in the 20’s cold. Milton was warming up in the sun while the windscreen was frosted over –



Went down to the river to see if the water was still flowing. One word answer; Yup –



The NHL could look right here if they wanted to end their lockout. Listen up NHL, if a town of 349 residents can support a lighted, outdoor rink, you can figure a way to support your enterprise to the benefit of everyone involved –



Everyone was working their hardest, including the plant-life



If you ever wondered where they come from, it all starts in the mountains. Yes, the¬†Dandelions in your yard are direct descendants of mountain Dandelions –



The birds were making the worms run for cover –




The deer were keeping to themselves, enjoying breakfast –



The cops kept an eye on everything –



Not like he was working hard tilling the earth –



On the way home we stopped at Wells Dam for a stretch. You can see the effect of all the fires in the Eastern half of the state –



Last of the photos for the day as we high-tailed it home. Dammit –



Seriously, Eastern Washington is a half a galaxy away from the metropolis of Seattle. It’s nice that it’s so close. Yet, so far. We’ll be back soon.



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1 Response to More from the road

  1. Dotha says:

    Isn’t exploring fun! Just fun, no homework. DJ

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