Everyone is loving this weather

This September has had the greatest weather in the recorded history of Seattle September weather.* Everyone is happy and playing nice. The turtles have even decided to share suntan space with the ducks –

Sharing at it’s finest. Way to go turtles. And ducks. And Seattle weather.

* I just made that up about the recorded history of weather bit. It sounds good though. And the weather has been spectacular. Why not.

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2 Responses to Everyone is loving this weather

  1. amyhelmes says:

    Love the picture! You have a great attitude about the weather…will it continue when the rains set in? I try to enjoy each season for what it brings. I live a bit south of you but it’s probably the same weather. Loving the extended summer but also the cool foggy mornings.

  2. Dotha says:

    Another busy day, thats the way to live. I would love to have that beautiful spot in my backyard.

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