el Caballero de los Mares

The Gentleman of the Seas.  Miguel Grau Seminario is a Peruvian national hero, known for his chivalry in battle. The question is; Why is there a statue of him in this tiny little town in Washington?



And the answer is: The bust was a gift from the Consul General A.H.  of Peru, whose consulate happens to be here in town.

Something is just a little odd about the whole thing.

And how about using brass for your national hero’s bust? The paint is flaking off and it’s starting to look rather shabby.

Anyway, that’s your introduction to Peruvian Naval history, run with it if you like. I’m just going to stand over here and scratch my head in disbelief.

Oh, and by the way, October 29th is Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario Day, and we are gonna party like it’s 1999! Or 2012. Whatever works out best.






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