More from the coast ride

As promised;

All paths lead to the ocean. Well, this one did anyway –



Coastlines need lighthouses for the sailors. They put this one on an island three miles out to sea. Which makes the little camera struggle, but you get the point –



We found the world’s largest spruce tree. It’s a hundred-ninety-one feet tall, 1000 years old, and sixty feet around. It lives near Lake Quinault, in the rainforest, which gets around 12 FEET of rain each year. The tree in question –



The lake in question –



Perfect weather for the coast –




That concludes today’s lesson on how to ride your motorcycle around theĀ Peninsula.

Now, if I could only get motivated to finish the lessons on Whistler, Pebble Beach, Vancouver, and the Blue Angels, we’d be somewhere closer to caught up.

Anyways, thanks for tagging along.




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4 Responses to More from the coast ride

  1. amyhelmes says:

    I just learned to ride about a month ago and have only gone on a couple of rides. I enjoyed tagging along with you via photos!

  2. cyetso says:

    What do you ride?

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