Like Axl Rose says, PATIENCE

Just a little patience. Finally got the hummingbird in the lens –



She was quite nervous, and didn’t hang around long, constantly checking her surroundings




I hope I can catch her mate, he’s got great, iridescent colors on his head-dress.

As an aside; This is probably the final nail in the coffin of this particular camera lens. I don’t particularly care for the way these photos are turning out. And since I know it’s not me, it must be the gear. Right? I also refuse to manipulate these shots, so what the camera sees, is what you get. It’s all about learning and getting better. No point in making the software make you look like a hero. Hows about taking a better shot to start with??? Any recommendations from you Canon people out there would be more than welcome.

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2 Responses to Like Axl Rose says, PATIENCE

  1. Dotha says:

    she must be building some trust or she would not sit with the camera there. DJC

  2. christine says:

    Incredible shot, Charlie! And I’m with you–no editing or futzing around. Good luck finding a new lens.

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