Summer’s over

I don’t need a fancy weather forecaster. I don’t have a Farmer’s Almanac. I don’t need any of those things. Here’s how I know –


My top secret seasonal prediction tool is indicating a fast approaching fall. (The fern in front of the house is showing the signs of giving up for the year. The heat of last week certainly didn’t help.)

Well that’s it folks, two more weeks of the nice weather, then it’s time to batten down the hatches in anticipation of….

Wait for it….




Which can only mean one thing. Any guesses?



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3 Responses to Summer’s over

  1. christine says:

    I hope you’re right about fall. And at our house, fall means football!

  2. Dotha says:

    I certainly have enjoyed your yard this year., thanks to Charlies photo skills. Thanks Charlie. DJ

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