Went to the Vet’s office today,

Needed some diet food for Marla’s 3 cats. My cat is a lean, mean, fighting machine, and does not eat diet food. So Nick was there with his new dog. Nick very well may be the nicest guy in shoe leather. And he’s had a bad run for the last little while. So it was nice to see him showing off pictures of his daughter on his phone, bringing Trigger around for me to try and take photos of. You ever try and take photos pf a puppy after he’s had his nap? Here’s one –


Another –


Just about –


Well, this will have to do, as it’s the best we could do –


What a great dog! And great for Nick and his new family. Kinda made my day.



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1 Response to Went to the Vet’s office today,

  1. Marla says:

    Fat black and white cat is not mine…Daddy’s girl all the way!!!

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