So, where were we?

Ah yes, yesterday we were looking at a sickly motorcycle in the shop. Today I give you; NEW SEAT!!!!!


After a few longish rides, it was clear that BMW’s factory seats suck. As over-engineered as these motorcycles are, the seats are terrible. John rented one a couple weeks back and his was the same – painful. Everyone I’ve talked to about it agrees. So we bit the bullet and made an appointment at Rich’s Custom Seats in Kingston. We got up early Saturday and took the ferry over. A ferry that I didn’t know existed, and was 50 minutes before I had planned on going, which got us there roughly 2 hours before we needed to be. And also at a time which meant the shop was closed. So we rode out to the lighthouse and walked around a bit. The lighthouse in question; Point No Point Lighthouse –


The boys and girls were out catching salmon on a cold, damp, gray morning. Quite a relief after all the heat of last week. The windbreak on the right is quite the structure –




Marla hunted around for shells –



Another shot of Point No Point –

Anyway, we then went to the shop and had the seat redone. It took ALL day. We started at 9 and left there at 6:15. So we headed to Port Townsend for the night at a wickedly overpriced motel. We got up this AM and proceeded to ride completely around Hood Canal (of which I took a grand total of ZERO pictures).  It was a good 5 hours of riding, which gave us a chance to try out the new seat. 2 nods of agreement so far. Then it was back on the ferry and a quick float home. Turned out to be a beauty of a day –


I took this from the top deck of the ferry. Look closely and you can see Seattle’s skyline on the horizon.

Anyway, that’s where the weekend went.




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