Just stay outside,

And we’ll be fine –


He’s the size of a watermelon quarter, and has fangs the size of a woolly mammoth small spider. If he so much as thinks about coming inside the house, I’ll have Hopps eat him. She loves bugs. No preference, any old bug will do. Flying bug, crawling bugs, doesn’t matter. If she can chase it, and catch it, she’ll chomp ’em right down. Crane flies might be her favorite.

I hate spiders. Really. Lucky for the spider it’s a hot summer afternoon, which means the cats are all sleeping –


Hopps is so tired, from doing NOTHING all day, she doesn’t even care that Felix has his stanky boy feet on her.

And that’s our Marlin Perkins update for today.





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2 Responses to Just stay outside,

  1. Dotha says:

    We have these too, but they do stay outside. I call them freckles. This is really a good picture and the cats are beautiful, don’t tell them I said so. DJ

  2. Pops says:

    Love the cat pic. Both a couple of lazy” fuzzies”.

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