Around the house

Specifically the flowery areas. Keeping you updated on the important things, like the Hydrangeas –


They blued in nicely, doing quite well this year.

This heroic shot of the bumble bee is not what it seems –


See, he’s not doing as well as the Hydrangeas. In fact, he’s dead. Just hanging there by a leg. Dunno what got him, maybe a spider. Anyways…

These I do not know the name of, but I like the Seuss look they have –


Maybe the lady with the green thumb will chime in with a species name?

Marla takes GREAT pride in her ability to grow sunflowers –


They’re more like bean-stalks. This one is only two-and-a-half feet tall now. Probably get to 6-7 or more feet. Then the squirrels will have a field day with all the seeds.


Lastly, we have a Pebble Beach divot update –


They have a custom built new home, and are happy as can be. They get manicured every week or so. And if we’re not careful, they’re gonna merge into one.

You are now current with the garden. We have Mr. Tho coming out today to see if we can bribe him into pulling weeds for us, so that we can get current with the garden.




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4 Responses to Around the house

  1. christine says:

    My hydrangeas have not fared well in the heat. But they were a lovely bluish/pink awhile back. That sunflower is enormous already!

  2. Dotha says:

    Thanks for the tour, your yard has gotten so beautiful. It reflects a lot of work. Mom C

  3. emocrippled says:

    Reblogged this on emocrippled.

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