So we went riding the other day, you saw the photos.

Anyway, middle of the ride, the dashboard announces to me in big bold letters  SERVICE. I know that in Swedish, this means bring your Volvo in to the dealer, we need to shake you down for some more money. I figured the Germans were the same, so I stopped by and asked. Yup, I was right, something about an annual service and then some mumbling about a boat payment as his voice trailed off.

Next thing I know, I have an appointment for August 1st, and could you drop it off the night before, and would I be needing a ride? Check, sure and yes. Then we went off on vacation and I forgot all about it.

So today I stop at the dealer after work, sign a bunch of papers that I have NO idea what they said, and then the guy asks me for my drivers license and my insurance carrier. What for, I ask. He says for my ride. Okay, whatever. Then he asks me which ride I want to take home, and points at three options, GS1200, R1200S, and the GS800. I chose the 800, cause it’s different from what I’ve got, and might be fun to ride.

Anyway, here it is –


Thanks Ride West BMW, that was nice of you to offer.

Traffic was jacked on the way home, so not much of an impression of it yet. I’ll have to wring it’s little neck tomorrow. But I will say, I’d NEVER get used to the turn signal switches.



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2 Responses to Motorcycle

  1. Dotha says:

    That’s a skinny little thing ! DJ

  2. Marla says:

    I thought he traded his new one in for this one… What happen to my cushy seat?? Relieved to know it is a loaner! (cute though, in a rather aggressive way!!)

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