The day slipped right on by without me posting a photo up. Again, I took the photo, but I failed at posting it. Sorry, my lazy weekend got the best of me yesterday. Without further BS, well maybe a little, we’ll jump into the WayBack Machine to yesterday….

Lost of activity in the backyard yesterday. First it was off to the store for a pressure washer so I could clean the pond filter. It does a ten times better job in one-tenth of the time, I waste less water, and consume far less beer during the task; I think the thing will pay for itself in a matter of two or three filter cleanings. Plus it’s a piece of equipment powered by gasoline – What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t love that? Sorry no photos of me and my new toy, but trust me, I look fantastic weilding that wand.

After playtime was over, I sat down to watch the hockey game. Beer in hand, 5 minuets into period 1, and I start hearing the new neighbors chickens. Only, they’re really loud tonight. I walk out on the deck and realize, the chicken is in the yard. THEY’VE ESCAPED! I sound the alarm and grab the camera, cause watching Marla try to catch a chicken is going to be funny. I told her Rocky could do it, so could she. She decided to bribe the chicken with bread (Who knew they liked hamburger buns so much?). Properly suckered in, the escapee was captured –


Walking her back to her pen, we came across her cellmate, who was trying to plead innocence –


We herded them both back to their house, and found the obvious ringleader hanging out, acting like nothing ever happened –


No one was home, so we closed the fence and left. I think I can now put ‘Chicken Herder’ on my resume. And here in Seattle, that might come in handy.


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2 Responses to June 9th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP!

  1. Dotha says:

    Maybe you could train them to lay eggs in your yard, Did you ever think of that ? They might come over and kick back and have a beer with you and then you could show them a cute little nest and they might think you were a pretty OK guy and start laying there. Dotha

  2. cyetso says:

    And who’s gonna clean up after them?

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