Playing tourist

Got up this morning and went to the zoo.  San Francisco has a nice zoo, but our’s in Seattle is better. Not very busy today, and the weather was perfect for taking photos –


The penguins were in proper attire –


The Australians were busy doing what they do best; Sitting around doing nothing, or beating each other up –


Lunched at the Cliff House and then it was off to the Conservatory of Flowers. Cool old place, full of, you not gonna believe this, FLOWERS! Crazy, cool, weird, unique, flowers –



Drove around and happened upon this cool looking bridge in the distance –


This deserves a closer look. Yup, good looking bridge. They ought to give a cool name, something catchy the tourists could remember. Looking North towards Marin –


Final stop, after a driving tour of The Presidio and Fort, The Palace of Fine Arts –



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3 Responses to Playing tourist

  1. Dotha says:

    A great collection of photos! Don’t bring that blossom home, I think it eats people. I grew up on these sights, a child doesn’t know that what comes in through the eyes shapes your perspective on life. Dotha

  2. Caroline says:

    Easy to see why you needed a vacation the get over you vacation. You saw more that we ever have. M.

  3. cyetso says:

    Get lost in SF, and the funniest things happen….

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